Posted by Ms Spin on Jan 25th 2019

SPINTECH, known for its innovation in exhaust related products for the Performance Racing Industry, also has a rich heritage in engineering and manufacturing products for many other industries. SPINTECH has developed a new Subframe Connector System for first generation Mustangs.

It is fabricated from heavy 13ga electro coated steel. It is by far the strongest Subframe Connector currently available on the market. This Subframe Connector is CNC punched and formed to follow the contour of the factory floor pan. It is welded in place while connecting front and rear torque boxes. This actually gives you the look of factor frame rails and removes almost all of your chassis flex.

SPINTECH gives you the option to add rocker panel support plates that connects the Subframe Connector to the drip rail on the rocker panel. With this combination in place if gives you the ultimate in controlling unwanted chassis flex. NO other product comes close to giving you the strength and rigidity that SPINTECH’s Subframe Connector System gives you. This chassis system allows you to keep the factory floor pan intact without any cutting. Some modifications will be needed on all convertibles.

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