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300 Sportsman Split Case

The BEST REVERSE FLOW muffler ever made! 

UNIQUE and PATENTED design enabled us to develop the most POWERFUL reverse flow muffler produced. 

Horsepower numbers almost equal our Pro Shoot Out 1000 race mufflers in rear exit systems.

Our Split Case series now incorporated into side exit systems for popular vehicles. It already has found the winners circle in many forms of racing. 

The 300SC series developed for the Late Model Camaros, Trans Ams and Firebirds then modified for use on side exit systems developed for Ford Mustangs.

The 300SCS series is the standard muffler for all our side exit systems. Excellent horsepower results with AWESOME and UNIQUE sound, without a doubt the BEST REVERSE FLOW muffler ever made! This is the same size case as our small SC muffler, and they have excellent results.

The 300DSC series is the next generation which makes the same power just quieter.




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