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400-PSC 180

400-PSC 180 Race Muffers

SpinTech's unique race muffler for tracks with decible level restrictions 

  • This muffler was designed for use for all open wheel race cars; Sprint Cars, Midgets, and Mini Sprints.
  • They are ideal for use where dBs are less than 95db.
  •  Some tracks in California mandate this muffler on Sprint cars.
  • SPINTECH designed this unique race muffler to address noise regulations at race tracks in Southern California, Ventura and Perris Raceways. Those tracks have adopted this muffler as their track muffler for their high horse powered Sprint Cars. Sprint Cars today are making 900 horse power, and at these tracks MUST maintain Db levels around 90 dbs.
  • SPINTECH has been able to achieve that with little or NO impact on performance.
  • Works well in side exit-systems in high horse powered Street and Race Cars


SPINTECH has always been in the leading edge of not only performance gains through exhaust technology, but sound reduction as well. SPINTECH, always an INNOVATOR in exhaust technology!


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