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Mustang Sub Frame Connectors


SPINTECH Performance Mufflers has developed a weld-in, full length frame connector. The INNOVATIVE step design is much stronger than anything else in its class and gives you more ground clearance.

 Weld-in connectors have proven to be more rigid and will not work loose like bold-in connectors do.

 SPINTECH's STEP-Connectors can easily be installed with just a welder. No cutting or drilling is required.

 SPINTECH also incorporates Torsional plates up front, as well as a heavy duty cross brace which bolts up to the factory seat bolts. This virtually eliminates any chassis flex.


SPINTECH's heavy duty full length SUB FRAME CONNECTOR will allow you to run SPINTECH's side exit exhaust without losing that valuable ground clearance.

Made of 1” x 2” x 1/8” structural tubing and 12ga. steel for the seat support brace and torsional pivot support plates.

Designed as a weld-in unit, they are contoured to fit the vehicles floor pan from front to rear clips. Therefore, additional strength and more ground clearance are attained.

Support plates are provided to be welded in place next to lower control arms to be used as pick up points for most lifts.


  • Mustang Sub Frame Connectors '65-'70 Mustang Sub Frame Connectors (SFC6166)

    Mustang - 1965-1970 - Sub-Frame Connectors

    SpinTech 1965 -1970 Mustang SubFrame Connector System It is by far the strongest Subframe connector currently available on the market. Gives you the look of factory frame rails and removes almost all of your chassis flex. Fabricated from 13 gauge...

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  • Mustang Sub-frame Connectors 1986-2004 Mustang Sub-frame Connectors 1986-2004

    Mustang 1986-2004 Sub-frame Connectors

    1986-2004 Mustang Subframe Connectors Subframe Connectors are welded in place, full length, fabricated from 1" x 2" x .125" structural steel tubing. Subframe Connectors add structural rigidity to the uni-body construction.

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