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3000 Sportsman Street Group

Sportsman Street 3000 Series Mufflers

Originally designed as our "Race muffler" the Sportsman 3000 was too quiet!


Now it has evolved into our Sportsman Street series group offering you more choices. The Sportsman Street 3000's could be used on most vehicles as a replacement muffler.

SpinTech Sportsman 3000XL series has larger case with 8 spin traps instead of 6 spin traps making it a little quieter and is used on high horsepower street driven vehicles where sound levels are a greater concern. When running an exhaust system 3" or greater this muffler is a better choice for sound control. Our Sportsman 3000XLP uses two technologies; the patented SpinTrap design with packing added for additional sound dampening making the XLP one of SpinTech's quietest mufflers. 

SpinTechs Low Profile Sportsman is offered in two different series; Sportsman 3000F, and 3000XLF  

For Oval applications the SpinTech Sportsman 3000XLV (oval) series is a great choice.


Stainless Steel 3000 Muffler Installation

Custom Installation by Blake's Muffler Shack, Sacramento, CA 




The Sound of Power, SpinTech Performance Mufflers and Exhaust

SpinTech High Performance Mufflers and Exhaust will take you as FAR as you want your Vehicle to move you