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6000 Pro Street

SpinTech Pro Street 6000 has an aggressive yet moderate tone

The Pro Street 6000 has a sporty soul. The Pro Street 6000 Muffler is a direct descendant of our very popular Pro Shoot-Out 1000 Race Muffler with slight modifications for more efficient sound reduction.
A perfect muffler for newer Mustangs, Vipers, and trucks and vintage vehicles, but will fit almost any application where the case size fits.
Even though this muffler was not intended for racing purposes, the Pro Street 6000 has shown its power on many race cars with super competitive results.
REMEMBER size does matter; sound levels will increase by increasing the tubing size. This modification can also increase interior sound levels as well as creating interior resonance. 

The Sound of Power, SpinTech Performance Mufflers and Exhaust

SpinTech High Performance Mufflers and Exhaust will take you as FAR as you want your Vehicle to move you