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Truck Exhaust

Truck Exhaust Systems by SPINTECH

SpinTech Fabricates custom exhaust systems to fit the Ford Explorer; Ford Expedition; Chevy; Suburban; Tahoe; Dodge; Jeep; Dakota; Toyota and Nissan Trucks

Contact SPINTECH PERFORMANCE MUFFLERS for your new truck exhaust system today.

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Please Note: SpinTech does its best to acquire the most updated installation data for ease of installation. Due to manufacturing variation and factory revisions, it is not always possible to avoid adjustments needed at time of install. SpinTech always recommends having a professional high performance exhaust shop do your install as they are better equipped to make necessary adjustments if needed.

  • Dual Side Exit Tips Dual Side Exit Tips

    Dodge Dakota Cat-Back Side Exit

    Get the best for your Dodge Dakota with a Cat-Back Side Exit Exhaust from SpinTech Made for all Dodge Dakota Trucks, '97- or newer.   Dakota 3" Cat-Back Side Exit Includes SpinTech Sportsman Splitcase Mufflers, 344SCS, dual 2.5" polish...

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  • 3" Dakota H Pipe

    Dodge Dakota H Pipe

    H Pipe for the Dodge Dakota - For those who want a true dual exhaust system. Open up your exhaust and add power to your vehicle. SpinTech is one of the few exhaust companies who offer the H-pipe in one piece. Fabricated in our shop from 16-gauge or 304...

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  • Dodge Dakota 3" Y Pipe for 5.2 or 5.9 Dodge Dakota 3" Y Pipe for 5.2 or 5.9 Install

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipe

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipes The SpinTech Dakota Y Pipes will bolt up to our SpinTech Headers, and can be used off road with no cats for 2 wheel drives only Product Options: 2.5" Dakota 4.7 Off-road (no cats) Y Pipe  3" Dakota 5.2. or 5.9 Y Pipe 304...

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    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System

    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System

    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System for years 1998- 2010 Its no coincidence the sound of your truck turns heads, you have a SpinTech Exhaust! Includes: Aluminized X Pipe; (2) Super Pro Street 6000 Mufflers; Dual 3" round polished...

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    Now: $559.95
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Hear the sound of thunder, experience the passion of power! Every SpinTech Muffler has a sporty soul which will awaken your vehicles sound with SpinTech power