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Y Pipes

  • Dodge Dakota 3" Y Pipe for 5.2 or 5.9 Dodge Dakota 3" Y Pipe for 5.2 or 5.9 Install

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipe

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipes The SpinTech Dakota Y Pipes will bolt up to our SpinTech Headers, and can be used off road with no cats for 2 wheel drives only Product Options: 2.5" Dakota 4.7 Off-road (no cats) Y Pipe  3" Dakota 5.2. or 5.9 Y Pipe 304...

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  • SpinTech Y Pipe SpinTech Y Pipe

    Y Pipes

    Exhaust Y Pipes for all vehicles All our Y Pipes are made to order. SpinTech will configure any Y Pipe size, degree, center-line and length. Available: Materials: Aluminized Steel and 304 Stainless All rounds, oval or any combination  

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