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Overhaul your old exhaust system and replace it with a SpinTech Exhaust. SpinTech is gaining track presence as competitors, sanctioning bodies and the performance public seek out NEW and INNOVATIVE ideas.

SPINTECH is dedicated to being a leader in the exhaust industry, and uses our creative experience, engineering, and manufacturing abilities to maintain focus on increased performance and the reduction of sound levels!

We feature exhaust systems for the Mustang, GTO, Corvette, Camaro, Trans Am, Impala and more....! 

"If it SOUNDS too good to be true, it's SPINTECH!"



  • Mustang Sub Frame Connectors

    Mustang - 1965-1970 - Sub-Frame Connectors

    SpinTech 1965 -1970 Mustang SubFrame Connector System It is by far the strongest Subframe connector currently available on the market. Gives you the look of factory frame rails and removes almost all of your chassis flex. Fabricated from 13 gauge...

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    Ford Mustang Exhaust Systems 1996-2004

    Mustang 1996 - 2004 Cat Back System

    1996 - 2004 -  2½” Mustang Cat Back with flow tube assembly, ball/cone flange and hangers Product Options: Turn Downs + $50.00-$75.00 304 Stainless Steel + $170.00 - $200.00 Muffler Options: Super Pro Street 9000...

    Was: $269.95
    Now: $259.95
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  • Pontiac GTO Axleback System 3" Tips  (MTGTO)

    Pontiac GTO Axle Back System

    '05-'06 Pontiac GTO Axle back System System includes 3" Stainless Tips; Super Pro Street 9000 Mufflers Optional Choices: 4" Tips; Pro Street 6000 Mufflers; Pro Shoot Out 4000 Mufflers; 304 Stainless Steel If it SOUNDS too good...

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    Spintech Mustang Cat Back Systems

    Mustang 1986-1995 Cat Back System

    1986 – 1995 - 2½" Mustang Cat Back System with complete flow tube assembly and ball/cone flange and hangers Product Options: Turn Downs  304 Stainless Steel Muffler Options: Sportsman Street 3000 Series Pro Street...

    Was: $269.95
    Now: $259.95
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  • X Pipe for the '05-'06 Pontiac GTO, 2.5"-3"

    Pontiac GTO Rear Exit Exhaust Systems

    Pontiac GT Rear Exit Exhaust Systems '04-'06 Pontiac GTO Rear Systems in 2.5" or 3"; Systems come with standard 3" polished stainless tips; aluminized X pipe; Super Pro Street 9000 Mufflers. Optional Choices include: H Pipe; 4" Stainless Double...

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  • X Panded Oval H Pipe Kit

    Universal Oval H Pipe Kit Expanded

    SpinTechs Universal Oval H Pipe Kit will fit most vehicle exhaust applications Features 16-gauge aluminized or 304 stainless steel tubing, mandrel-bent for high exhaust flow and increased horse power. Available in 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2"  and 4" oval...

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  • 5" Oval Side Pipes - Shelby Daytona Coupe

    5" Oval Side Pipes - Factory 5 Daytona Coupe

    Side pipes are constructed of 16*gauge aluminized steel. The 5" Oval Side Pipes for the Factory 5 Daytona Coupe are designed and build just for you right in our fab shop. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you have a kit car and need side pipes we will...

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  • Camaro 4" Double Wall Stainless Tip Axle Back

    Camaro Axle Back, 5th Generation

    5th Generation Camaro Axle Back Exhaust System Camaro Axle Back System includes:  Super Pro Street 9000 Series Mufflers & 4" Double Wall Stainless Tips Choose either a 2.5" or 3" system Optional: 304 Stainless...

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  • Dual Side Exit Tips

    Dodge Dakota Cat-Back Side Exit

    Get the best for your Dodge Dakota with a Cat-Back Side Exit Exhaust from SpinTech Made for all Dodge Dakota Trucks, '97- or newer.   Dakota 3" Cat-Back Side Exit Includes SpinTech Sportsman Splitcase Mufflers, 344SCS, dual 2.5" polish...

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  • 3" Dakota H Pipe

    Dodge Dakota H Pipe

    H Pipe for the Dodge Dakota - For those who want a true dual exhaust system. Open up your exhaust and add power to your vehicle. SpinTech is one of the few exhaust companies who offer the H-pipe in one piece. Fabricated in our shop from 16-gauge or 304...

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  • Dodge Dakota 3" Y Pipe for 5.2 or 5.9

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipe

    Dodge Dakota Y Pipes The SpinTech Dakota Y Pipes will bolt up to our SpinTech Headers, and can be used off road with no cats for 2 wheel drives only Product Options: 2.5" Dakota 4.7 Off-road (no cats) Y Pipe  3" Dakota 5.2. or 5.9 Y Pipe 304...

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    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System

    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System

    Ford F150 True Dual X or H-Pipe Side Exit System for years 1998- 2010 Its no coincidence the sound of your truck turns heads, you have a SpinTech Exhaust! Includes: Aluminized X Pipe; (2) Super Pro Street 6000 Mufflers; Dual 3" round polished...

    Was: $599.95
    Now: $559.95
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  • ' 05 -'06 GTO X Pipe


    GTO Enthusiasts Use SpinTech X Pipes We have great prices for GTO X Pipes in sizes 2½”  and 3" , made from durable 16ga Aluminized or 304 Stainless Steel. We fabricate all our GTO X pipes so if you need it customized we can help...

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  • Impala with SpinTech Mufflers Racing

    Impala 1994 -1996 Exhaust Systems

    Impala '94 -'96 Exhaust Systems SpinTech offers the ultimate in exhaust systems for the Impala enthusiast! Customize your exhaust system with the many options available below. Options: X or H Pipe, 2.5" or 3" System, Pro Street 6000 (Most aggressive)...

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  • Jeep Wrangler Axelback with Polished Stainless Steel Tip

    Jeep Wrangler Axle Back System

    Jeep Wrangler 2.5" Axle Back System The 332SCS mufflers provide a balanced yet aggressive tune that is not overbearing. SpinTech  exhaust system for the Jeep Wrangler includes a SpinTech Sportsman SplitCase 332SCS Series muffler; pipes;...

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  • 3" Mustang Universal Side Exit Kit

    Mustang 3" Universal Side Exit Kit System

    Mustang 3" Universal Side Exit Kit 3" SpinTech universal side exit system is suitable for most applications. 3" flow tubes, optional slip fit or ball flange connection, into our Sportsman Split Case 349-3SCS or a quieter and more mellow Split Case...

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  • Mustang Side Exit Kit for '86-'95

    Mustang 1996 - 2004 Side Exit Exhaust Kit

    Our custom built '96 -'05 Mustang 2.5" Side Exit Exhaust Kit with Stainless Steel Oval Tips are designed to increase horsepower while giving you that performance racing SpinTech sound.  Includes 333SCS Mufflers -  Standard  Each kit is...

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  • 2005-2010 Mustang Axle back Systems, Bottom View SpinTech Super Pro Street 9000 Muffler

    Mustang Axle Back Systems

    Axle back exhaust systems for the Mustang years 2005-2010 and 2011-2014 Choose from Sportsman Street 3000 or Super Pro Street 9000 mufflers 16ga Aluminized or 304 Stainless Steel SpinTech fabricates quality exhaust products that are built to last...

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  • Mustang Cobra IRS 2½" Cat Back System

    Mustang Cobra IRS 2½" Cat Back System

    Customize your Cobra with our 2½” Cobra IRS Cat Back System with Flow Tube Assembly Comes complete with ball/cone flanges and hangers in 16ga aluminized steel Choose Custom Options: Muffler: Sportsman Street 3000 or Pro Street 6000...

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  • Mustang  V6 Side Exit 99-04, SX61962, Shown with Flat Oval Tips

    Mustang V6 - 2¼” Side Exit Kit Systems

    Side Exit Exhaust Kits for V6 Mustangs, 1994-2004 2 1/4" V6 Mustang SpinTech systems comes with fabricated Y Pipe connection that will bolt up to your factory exhaust.  Includes a pair of SpinTech Sportsman Split Case 322SCS mufflers; outlet...

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  • Roush Mustang Tips for'94-98

    Tip for Roush Mustang '94-'98

    Exhaust Tips for the Roush Mustang - Years 1994-98 - Sold Separately Specifically designed and custom fabricated in our shop for the Mustang. Welded construction. Made from durable 304 stainless steel for rust resistance.  Sold each (1)

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  • X Panded Universal Oval X Pipe Kit, includes transitions, elbows, (elbows NOT welded to X Pipe),  junction, flow tubes and oval flanges and 3 bolt flanges if needed

    X Panded Universal Oval X Pipe Kits

    SpinTechs Universal Oval X Pipe Kit will fit most vehicle exhaust applications Available in 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2"  and 4" oval sizes. Kit comes complete with two standard transitions, two inlet 45 degree bends, oval X Pipe Junction, and two 45 degree...

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  • X Panded Universal Round X Pipe Kits

    X Panded Universal Round X Pipe Kits

    SpinTechs Universal Round X Pipe Kit will fit most vehicle exhaust applications Available in 2 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2" round sizes. Kit comes complete with two three bolt collector flanges, two inlet 45 degree bends, round X Pipe Junction in either a 90...

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Hear the sound of thunder, experience the passion of power! Every SpinTech Muffler has a sporty soul which will awaken your vehicles sound with SpinTech power