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Ron DiDonato

Posted by Ms Spin on Oct 31st 2017

  • R ace O vercome N ever Give Up   DIDONATO                                


The engine roars to life, the lights flash, you engage the drive and stomp on the accelerator. With blinding quickness the 750 horsepower engine is hurtling your 1300 lbs. car toward the curve at nearly 130 miles and hour. You tap the brake and pitch the car sideways and stomp on the accelerator headed for the next curve!

This delicate balance of sheer horsepower and adhesion to the track is repeated time and again as Ron DiDonato races his Pro Series Sprint Car lap after lap. Sure the adrenaline rushes, but add to that the jockeying of several cars and drivers performing these same maneuvers all trying to get to the finish line first and you have some sense of who Ron DiDonato is.

Calm and soft spoken informed and self-confident, sure of his own abilities and the preparation that has gone into building his race car, and the SpinTech Performance Muffler business, Ron knows what to expect and calmly deals with the circumstances. Calm seems like a dichotomy when you talk about racing cars and performance exhaust, but it is indeed a reflection of what goes on with a professional behind the wheel. Ron brings those same traits to his business. This father of four, grandfather of twelve is an accomplished entrepreneur and formed professional race car driver. Ron's approach to professional Sprint Car Racing reminds him a lot of what he does in business today. It takes research, preparation, communication and a delicate balance of direction seemingly uncontrollable forces to a desired winning result. Fulling you wants, needs and desires in buying a high performance exhaust for your vehicle.

With a calm well thought out methodology, Ron listens to what you want to accomplish, does his research, and presents you with a plan of options that are specifically tailored to your needs. 

When competence, thoroughness, hard work and focus are what you need, call Ron, he crosses the finish line every time!


Hear the sound of thunder, experience the passion of power! Every SpinTech Muffler has a sporty soul which will awaken your vehicles sound with SpinTech power