Posted by Mr. SpinTech on Aug 19th 2019

Yes, it's different than any muffler  you've seen before! Traditional muffler designs attenuate sound in two ways: friction and absorption. NO cancellation ever takes place in a muffler unless it has moving parts, i.e., electronic mufflers. Electronic mufflers are very expensive, complex, heavy, and not designed for performance uses. There is a fourth method of sound attenuation we will present here. It is based on the second law of Thermodynamics, or Entropy.

The Entropy of a system relates to organization of the system. Sound energy actually represents a form of organized energy in the sense that the molecules of air or gas vibrate together in a unified way (on a microscopic level there gas molecules move and bounce off one another like billiard balls).Heat energy also is the vibration of molecules. Heat and sound energy are very much the same except for one major difference, organization or Entropy. Heart is a completely randomized molecular vibration, while a sound wave is an organized wave front of vibration. 

Spin Tech mufflers utilized a patented spin sound trap to retain and quickly randomize vibration wave front energy into heat energy. on a size, weight and effectiveness comparison, no other type of muffler works as well. Friction mufflers have high backpressure and can still be loud. Absorption mufflers (straight through types) can have very good flow, but are loud, and get louder as they wear out. Spin Tech, spin sound trap Entropy mufflers, have flow rates approaching the straight through absorption types, no packing to blow out, and the maximum attenuation of any type muffler at high flow velocities. 

Flow routing is based on advance fluid mechanics and fluids technology. Vortices are sustained inside of the spin sound traps. Vent holes are placed in area where the case wall and sound trap form a venturi. As gas flows over the vent holes the reduced pressure extracts gas out of the trap. Incoming exhaust from the main exhaust flow stream refills the trap and maintains the vortex motion that promotes the entropy conversion of sound to heat energy within the muffler. As flow velocities and throttle settings increase the attenuation increased to amounts never achieved by any other muffler of this size and weight.

Spin Tech muffler are the most effective race and street mufflers in the industry. AS sound limits become requirements in most forms of motorsports, Entropy mufflers from Spin Tech are the most effect way to race friendly and not be penalized. Street mufflers have a great performance sound that actually gets quieter as higher and higher exhaust velocities flow through the muffler. 

The Sound of Power, SpinTech Performance Mufflers and Exhaust

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