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Thank you for your interest in our SpinTech Products

Thank you for your interest in our SpinTech Products

Posted by Mr. SpinTech on Jan 19th 2018

SpinTech offers a complete line of street performance as well as a full race line of mufflers. Made for 16ga aluminized steel, fully welded, it is one tough muffler, and unlike any muffler, you have ever seen or heard before.

Traditional muffler designs removed sound in two ways: friction and absorption. Friction mufflers (stock type, turbo type, chambered) have high back pressure and can cause extreme high resonance and noise inside the vehicle at certain engine speeds (20 to 300 RMP.) Absorption (packed mufflers) have a straight through design can have a good flow but the packing begins to deteriorate and get louder as they wear out, and with modern engines the heat is very high which destroys the packing even quicker.

SpinTech’s patented design provides maximum performance for today's modern engines. It is all done by means of a Spin sound trap, which captures sound vibration (noise) and turns it into heat within the muffler case. As exhaust gases enter, they are routed to the spin traps, which created a high velocity vortex trapping the sound waves. The extremely high flow rates are achieved by a unique internal scavenging system that creates a venturi effect.

Our first couple of years were mostly involved in racing applications, which have proven to be very rewarding. SpinTech is proud to say it is the dominate race muffler on the west coast. In most cases at any open wheel event, SpinTech will be found on 50%-80% of the entire filed. SpinTech now is penetrating the street marked with a vengeance, with our street sales exploding, between 100%-150% year over year for the last 5 years. Our street effort, starting with our Super Pro and Pro Street mufflers works great on new Mustangs and Imports. Moving up to our Sport Truck/SUV and Truck/RV allows SpinTech to satisfy Suburbans, Expeditions, to full size trucks and RV's with interior sound levels comfortably lower than our competitors.

Sound quality in our mufflers is excellent. A nice crisp clean sound, no glass pack sound, no hollow metal sound. Just powerful! While driving down the highway it is just a whisper. Stand on it and the animals are out. SpinTech has brought the best of both worlds performance with the better gas mileage and sound quality. SpinTech will continue to develop new products to meet demand, including popular Cat Back Systems. 

And if all this sounds too good to be true, it's SPINTECH!

Hear the sound of thunder, experience the passion of power! Every SpinTech Muffler has a sporty soul which will awaken your vehicles sound with SpinTech power