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Chevy Exhaust for X-Framed Cars, ’58 – ‘64

Our 1958-1964 Chevy GM X-Frame System was an engineering challenge when we fabricated and installed a complete true dual 2.5” and 3” system. Here at the SpinTech Shop, we moved the muffler farther back to a more conventional location, closer to the differential, which provided a cleaner installation.

Additional options:  

  • Side exit (in front of the rear tires)
  • Rear Exit (less expensive)
  • 7000 Cruiser Series muffler for low profile applications
  • 3000XLF Sportsman Street muffler for more horsepower
  • Aluminized or Stainless Steel

We used our custom fabricated oval twist to complete the installation and provided the cleanest looking exhaust system for the classic vintage vehicle.

The Sound of Power, SpinTech Performance Mufflers and Exhaust

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