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3000 Sportsman Street Group

Sportsman Street 3000 Series Mufflers

Originally designed as our "Race muffler" the Sportsman 3000 was too quiet!

Now it has evolved into our Sportsman Street series. The Sportsman Street 3000's are used on vehicles as a replacement muffler. The Sportsman 3000XL series is larger with 8 spin traps instead of 6 spin traps making it quieter. The Sportsman XL is used on high horsepower street driven vehicles where sound levels are a greater concern. We offer a low profile Sportsman 3000F3000XLF and for running oval tubing the 3000XLV (oval) series. Our Sportsman 3000XLP uses two technologies; the patented SpinTrap design with packing added for additional sound dampening making the XLP one of SpinTech's quietest mufflers. 


Stainless Steel 3000 Muffler Installation
Custom Installation by Blake's Muffler Shack, Sacramento, CA 


  • Sportsman Street  (pair) Sportsman Street  3441 (Side)

    3000 Sportsman

    Sportsman Street 3000 Series  Case Size: 4” X 8.5” X 13” Our Sportsman Street Series is our original and most popular street muffler. It is compact in size yet carries superior flow numbers.  The Sportsman Street Series adds...

    $94.95 - $106.95
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  • Sportsman Street 3000XL Round (Pair) Sportsman Street 33310 Muffler, Dual In/Out

    3000XL Sportsman Round

    Sportsman Street 3000XL Series Our Sportsman Street series is our original and most popular street muffler Case Size: 4" x 9.5" x 16" Sound quality is excellent, nice crisp, deep, throaty yet not annoying at cruising speed. Sound level...

    $135.95 - $151.95
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  • Sportsman Street 3000F Low Profile Muffler

    3000F Sportsman- Low Profile Muffler

    Sportsman 3000F is our Low Profile - Short Case Muffler An aggressive street muffler where clearance and space issues need to be addressed Case Size: 3" x 8.5" x 13" Up to 3" Inlets/Outlets; Case Size: 3.5" x 8.5" x 13, for 3.5"...

    $129.95 - $149.95
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  • Sportsman 3426XLP Sportsman 3**1XLP

    3000XLP Sportsman Plus

    All New Sportsman 3000XLP Series Case Size: 4" x 10" x 16" For those that are looking for something better and different in a muffler. Quieter and more mellow than our standard 3000XL Series. A great muffler for street rod applications, our...

    $164.95 - $179.95
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  • Sportsman Street 3000-* (Oval) Sportsman Street 3994-30 (Oval)

    3000XLV Sportsman - Oval Collars

    Sportsman Street Low profile muffler that works in conjunction with our oval tubing for that custom look Up to 3.5" - Case Size: 3" x 9.5" x 16" ;    3.5"  - Case Size: 3.5" x 9" x 16";    4" and 5" - Case Size: 3.5" x...

    $165.95 - $195.95
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  • 3393XR90C

    XR90 Sportsman

    Custom XR90 Muffler  Our custom muffler with a 90 degree inlet/outlet design. We will customize this muffler to fit your exhaust application. Has the same great Spin Tech sound! Dimension range: 10"-11" Wide X 17'-20" Long x 4" Thick Front...

Hear the sound of thunder, experience the passion of power! Every SpinTech Muffler has a sporty soul which will awaken your vehicles sound with SpinTech power