Sprint Car Mufflers

  • Super Stock  Race Mufflers Pair 1545 & 1442 Super Stock 1445 Race Muffler, Stainless Steel

    1000 Super Stock Race (Round)

    SpinTech Super Stock Race 1000 This is a pure racing muffler for competition where dbs are monitored more closely and you need a quieter sound Available for Pure-bred Racing Vehicles, where sound levels are mandated to be around 95 dbs. Case...

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  • Super Stock 1665XP, Stainless Steel

    1000XP Super Stock Race

    Super Stock 1000XP Race Mufflers High Performance SpinTech Race 1000XP Muffler where dbs levels are an issue.  Super Stock 1000XP are 2-3 dbs quieter than the standard SpinTech Super Stock 1000 Case Sizes: Up to 3½" - 4" x 9" x...

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  • SpinTech 454-Pro Race Muffler

    454-Pro Shoot Out

    Pro-Shoot Out 454-Pro Great Muffler for Racing Vehicles Case Size: 4" X 6" X 9"  3.5" Round Side Inlet, 3" Round Center Outlet Aluminized Steel

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