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Complete source for all your oval tubing needs.

Oval Tubing Size Chart

  • Oval Tubes Straight Lengths, Expanded One End Oval Tubing Straight Lengths

    Oval Straight Length Tubing

    Straight Length OVAL Exhaust Tubing Available lengths: 2¼ " to 6" --  18" or 40" long; expanded one end; aluminized steel or 304 stainless steel Oval Tube Size Chart      

    $27.95 - $199.95
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  • Horizontal Transition, Group Horizontal Transition, Pair

    Horizontal Transition on a Bend

    Need an exhaust transition on a bend? We customize all our transitions!  Horizontal Transition Sizes:  2½" - 4" round to oval transitions @ 45º , 60º  and 90º, and 2.5" , 3" , 3.75" and 4.5" Radius' Call us if...

    $79.95 - $129.95
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  • SALE
    Oval Offset Tube Oval Offset Tubes, 3 Sizes Shown

    Oval Offset Tubes

    Oval Flow- Offset Tubes Spintech offset tube are made from 16-gauge aluminized or 304 stainless tubing. Tubes are custom bent in our shop and are intended to increase flow and performance using SpinTech Mufflers. Design your oval custom exhaust using...

    $89.95 - $144.95
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  • Oval Twist, Polished Stainless Steel

    Oval Twist

    Oval Twist SpinTech's unique oval twist is a clean transition for exhaust applications where you need to change the oval tubing from a horizontal to a vertical.   

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  • SpinTech Oval and RoundTurndowns Oval Turn Down, Aluminized

    Turn Downs

    Exhaust Turn Downs Round to Oval, Oval and Round Turn downs Options: Aluminized or 304 Stainless Steel

    $21.95 - $89.95
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  • Vertical Transition, 3" Round to Oval Vertical Transition, 3" Round to Oval

    Vertical Transitions on a Bend

    Vertical Transitions on a Bend Only SpinTech Customizes Offset Transitions  Custom fabricated vertical (hard way) transitions made from either aluminized steel or 304 stainless steel.  Sizes: 3" - 5", round to oval, 45-60-90 degrees. We can...

    $149.95 - $209.95
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