If it is diversity you need for your exhaust and 
if you are looking for something better and different,
you are in the right place. SpinTech beats the competition
in customization and service. Each muffler is individually crafted with welded construction.
SpinTech Performance Mufflers offer more choices in sound, configuration and size than any of our muffler competitors! 
If it sounds too good to be true... its SPINTECH!



  • 3000 Sportsman Sportsman Street 3333 (Front)

    3000 Sportsman

    Sportsman Street 3000 Series  Case Size: 4" X 8.5" X 13" Our Sportsman Street Series is our original and most popular street muffler. It is compact in size yet carries superior flow numbers. This series will work in almost any...

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  • 3000XL Sportsman Round Sportsman Street 33310 Muffler, Dual In/Out

    3000XL Sportsman Round

    Sportsman Street 3000XL Series Our Sportsman Street series is our original and most popular street muffler Case Size: 4" x 9.5" x 16" Sound quality is excellent, nice crisp, deep, throaty yet not annoying at cruising speed. Sound level...

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  • 9000XL Super Pro Street Super Pro Street 9436XL

    9000XL Super Pro Street

    Newest SpinTech Muffler - Super Pro Street 9000XL Quieter than our Super Pro Street 9000. Wider body muffler case measures 4" x 8.5" x 9" The wider case and dual inlet/outlets make installation easier for running dual tail pipes.  Made from...

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  • M2000 Mini Street Muffler Mini Series Muffler - M2000 - M2111

    M2000 Mini Street Muffler

    Our smallest muffler with the SpinTech design Specifically designed for vehicles with small engines. Available in: 2 1/8", 2 1/4" and 2 1/2"  inlets and outlets Case size: 3" X 5" X 15"

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  • 9000 Super Pro Street Super Pro Street 9**2

    9000 Super Pro Street

    The Super Pro Street 9000 is the most AGGRESSIVE muffler we make for sound and competition! Rev up the RPMs. Hear your engine roar. Super Pro Streets have a smaller case size: 4" x 6" x 9" and fits most newer vehicles on the street...

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  • 6000 Pro Street Pro Street 6221 Muffler Back View

    6000 Pro Street

    SpinTech Pro Street 6000 Muffler is very versatile because of its compact size. The Pro Street 6000 will work on many vehicle applications; from the mini to full size truck; imports to muscle cars. The Pro Street 6000 is a very aggressive muffler. The...

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  • 5000 Sport Truck SUV Sport Truck 5436S

    5000 Sport Truck SUV

    Sport Truck SUV 5000 Muffler SpinTech designed the 5000 Truck-SUV muffler with extra volume in the case to better dissipate heat that is generated with heavier towing loads. Sound level is moderate aggressive. This series is best used when...

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  • 8000 Truck RV Muffler SpinTech Truck RV 8000 Muffler

    8000 Truck RV Muffler

    Truck-RV 8000 Muffler Developed to give you the high performance you want without sacrificing the interior sound level comfort you enjoy. The SpinTech Truck/RV 8000 Muffler makes great SOUND under acceleration, yet at highway speeds you hardly hear...

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  • 3000F Sportsman- Low Profile Muffler Sportsman Street 3000F Low Profile Muffler

    3000F Sportsman- Low Profile Muffler

    Sportsman 3000F is our Low Profile - Short Case Muffler An aggressive street muffler where clearance and space issues need to be addressed Case Size: 3" x 8.5" x 13" Up to 3" Inlets/Outlets; Case Size: 3.5" x 8.5" x 13, for 3.5"...

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  • 3000XLP Sportsman Plus Sportsman 3**1XLP

    3000XLP Sportsman Plus

    All New Sportsman 3000XLP Series Case Size: 4" x 10" x 16" For those that are looking for something better and different in a muffler. Quieter and more mellow than our standard 3000XL Series. A great muffler for street rod applications, our...

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