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Super Pro Street 9000 

The Muffler Will Fit On Almost Any Vehicle.

It is the Most Aggressive Muffler We Make. 

Pro Street 6000

Perfect Muffler for Newer Mustangs, Vipers, Trucks & Vintage Vehicles

Sportsman Street 3000

Any Street or Race Application for Added performance and Great Sound

Oval and Low Profile Where Ground Clearance is Minimal 

Sport Truck 5000

Truck RV 8000 - Big Block

Great Performance and Sound. Increases Power and Mileage

Cruisers Street 7000

Flattest Muffler for Clearance Issues Good for Modified Muscle Cars 

Split Chamber Split Case 300

 For Late Model Camaros, Trans Am and Firebirds, Side Exit Ford Mustangs

Mini Muffler 2000

Use on Small c.i. Motors such as a Mini Sprint or Small c.i. Autos

Pro Bullet Street

Attenuates Different Frequencies than Patented SpinTech Designs

Muffler Guide

Super Stock 1000

Designed for Racing and Speed 

Oval Eliminator 2000

Racing Muffler in Oval, Drag and Road Course Applications

 Pro Shoot Out 4000 

Designed for All Out Racing - Liberal Sound Requirements

400 PSC 180

Unique Race Muffler For Tracks With Decibel Level Restrictions 

Pro Bullet Race

Increased torque and horsepower


Oval Eliminator- 2000 - Oval 

Racing Muffler in Oval, Drag and Road Course Applications

Cruisers Street 7000 - Oval

Flattest Performance Muffler Available

Pro Shoot Out 4000 - Oval

Oval Application of the All Out Race Muffler

Pro Bullet - Oval

Increased torque and horsepower





The Sound of Power, SpinTech Performance Mufflers and Exhaust

SpinTech High Performance Mufflers and Exhaust will take you as FAR as you want your Vehicle to move you