Replace your muffler with a SpinTech.

SpinTech Muffler BrightSpinTech Mufflers are individually welded with a custom design and unique sound in mind. Our mufflers give your vehicle that high performance racing SOUND that no other exhaust manufacturer can duplicate and we offer a greater range of flexibility in muffler customization than any other exhaust manufacturer!

SpinTech is the only muffler manufacturer to offer a complete line of oval inlets/outlets accommodating low-profile or hard to fit spaces, ranging from 2 1/2" to 5" oval. SpinTech's unique patented design provides maximum performance for today's modern engines. Its all done by means of a spin sound trap, which captures sound vibration (noise) and turns it into heat within the muffler case. SpinTech mufflers are individually crafted with welded construction. We use no packing or moving parts that will wear out. A SpinTech muffler is durable and will sound the same throughout its lifetime since no maintenance is required for a muffler without packing. Be sure its a Genuine SPINTECH Muffler.

SpinTech also offers a compete line of all necessary oval transitions, tubing, elbows in both planes and oval tips. You name the combination and we will customize it for you. 

  • If you aren't sure which muffler to order, give us a call toll free (888-550-7746) and our knowledgeable sales staff will help you pick out the right muffler which will create great sound and more power for your vehicle!

  If it SOUNDS to good to be true...its SPINTECH!


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 Muffler Configuration Chart

  • 9000XL Super Pro Street Super Pro Street 9436XL

    9000XL Super Pro Street

    Newest SpinTech Muffler - Super Pro Street 9000XL Quieter than our Super Pro Street 9000. Wider body muffler case measures 4" x 8.5" x 9" The wider case and dual inlet/outlets make installation easier for running dual tail pipes.  Made from...

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  • 300SC Split Case SpinTech Sportsman Split Case 344SC  with our 3rd and 4th Cat Back Systems Installed

    300SC Split Case

    Sportsman Split Case Camaro and Trans Am Style Muffler SpinTech's unique and patented design enabled us to develop the most POWERFUL reverse flow muffler produced. Our Split Case series developed for the Late Model Camaros and Firebirds then...

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  • 7000 Cruiser Oval - Low Profile Muffler Cruiser 7000 Series Oval Muffler (Pair)

    7000 Cruiser Oval - Low Profile Muffler

    Cruiser 7000 Oval Muffler Our Cruiser series was created more for the Hot Rod enthusiast where ground clearance is an issue.  Case Size: 2¼" X 9" X 16" Not for the Racer or Street Racer but for the guy that drives to a Rod run and parks or...

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  • Unique Fabrications Twisted 25910XC, Race Car Application, Endurance Racing

    Unique Fabrications

    SpinTech's Unique Mufflers & Fabrications Please call us for details on these and other custom products we can make for you. 888-550-7746

  • XR90 Sportsman

    XR90 Sportsman

    Custom XR90 Muffler by SpinTech Our custom muffler with a 90 degree inlet/outlet design. We will customize this muffler to fit your exhaust application. Has the same great Spin Tech sound! Dimension range: 10"-11" Wide X 17'-20" Long x 4" Thick Inlet...

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